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The Rev. Dr. Robert G. Moss has served as pastor at Lutheran Church of the Master (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) in Lakewood, Colorado, since 1998 after serving congregations in Nebraska and Oklahoma. Born in Boston, Rob grew up in Ogden, Utah, and graduated from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City with a degree in Geography. He received a Master of Divinity degree from LutherNorthwestern Seminary (now Luther Seminary), St. Paul, Minnesota and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Congregational Mission and Leadership from Luther Seminary. Pastor Rob is married to Lois and they have three grown children: Greg, Emily, and Phil.

He is the author of The Neighborhood  Church: God’s Vision of Success, © 2014 by Wipf and Stock Publishers. He is also the owner of “Church Door Consulting” (www.churchdoor.org), and is available for workshops, retreats, conferences, keynotes, or events.

Rob served as the ELCA’s Interim Director for Evangelical Mission for the Rocky Mountain Synod, covering five different western states, as well as the Team Lead for the RMS’ Expanding Vision Ministry. He was twice elected to the Rocky Mountain Synod’s Mission Outreach Board, serving as chair, and has held positions on the RMS’ Mission Strategy Table and the Consultation Committee. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp.

He has also served as a Stewardship Consultant in the Nebraska Synod, a FB_IMG_1467590443929-1-1Board Member for Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, and a member of the Governing Board at the University of Nebraska Lutheran Student Center in Lincoln.

Doctor Moss is passionate about helping the
broader church fulfill its purpose as part of God’s mission of care and redemption of the world.

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25 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Pastor Moss, could I get your permission to reproduce the blog ‘We will no longer be a welcoming church’ in the newsletter for Westminster Presbyterian Church in Gallup, NM? Thanks for considering it – Pastor Lorelei Kay.

  2. Hey Pastor Moss, I’m the editor of ChurchLeaders.com and Outreach magazine. I’d like to run your post, “We Will No Longer Be a Welcoming Church” in our ChurchLeaders newsletter, with your permission. I believe many pastors and leaders will benefit from it. We’ll give attribution and provide a link back to your blog as well. Let me know if that works on your end. Thanks for considering.


    Brian Orme

  3. Rob,

    I would be grateful for your permission to reprint your post “We Will No Longer Be a Welcoming Church” in The Net, the Parish newsletter of St. James Episcopal Church in New London, CT. We will cite you as the author and provide a link to your website. Thanks, and great entry!


  4. Pastor Rob,
    You got my attention with your title . .
    mary koepke Fields

  5. Visited your blog today. I like it. Keep up the good job to His glory!

  6. Planting Potatoes

    I feel that God is working in your church…..God be with you as you do his work!

  7. Terry Hagensen

    Thank you for the insight

  8. Pastor Rob, I’m the editor of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York’s newsletter called “The Messenger”. I’m going to re-publish the article Actually listening to “Religious Nones” in our next edition, but your words pointing to it are so great a preface that I’d like to include yours too… I will include a pointer to your blog and give you credit for the blog post, of course. May I have your permission?

    • Sure, Andy. May you have wonderful conversations and missional changes in the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York.

  9. Lynn Reece

    I agree! This is the very message God has been giving me for a long time. May I have your permission to share this with my congregation and church leadership?

    Thank you, The Rev. Dr. Lynn Reece, Redlands, CA

  10. Rev. Paul Ferenczy

    May I have your permission to reproduce the blog ‘We will no longer be a welcoming church’ in the newsletter for the Niskayuna Reformed Church. Interim Pastor Paul C Ferenczy

  11. Pastor Moss, could I get your permission to reproduce the blog ‘We will no longer be a welcoming church’ in my Maine Christian Connection newspaper – print and online. mainechristianconnection.com

  12. I am interested in how your church has changed after introduction in 2013. Thank you Katie

    • Hi, Katie. That’s a long story that I’d be happy to share with you offline. The short version is that we got derailed not long after we began implementing. Regardless, our efforts have made a huge impact on our neighborhood (documented results).Even deliberate undermining couldn’t keep this idea from failing completely. So on we go in this journey of missionary discipleship.

  13. Chad Huebner

    Dr. Moss may I have your permission to reprint your series of blog posts on becoming an inviting church in the church newsletter for First Lutheran Decorah, IA?

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