Missional Church is Not a Project

Some advice from Alan Roxburgh on trying to transition an institutional church to a missional one, quoted from an interview with Michael Wallenmeyer at:

“Stop trying to change and transition your people. That makes them a project. Start loving them for who and where they are just now. This creates safe space. You start to model what you believe the Spirit is calling your church toward. In other words, YOU move back into the neighborhood and start practicing Luke 10. Until you do that stop trying to change others.

“Share the stories of what God is doing in the neighborhood and be a detective
of divinity by looking at where the Spirit is stirring heart desire in others
in the church. Encourage them, work with them.

“Become an interpreter of the Biblical narratives so people can start to read
their neighborhoods with God’s eyes.

“Stay put, stop moving from church to church.”

Joining God at work in our neighborhoods involves a focus on Jesus and the Spirit’s activity already happening inside and outside our church walls. It means that church leaders need to lead–not in programs or activities or meetings, but in discerning the activity of God and participating in it.

We start in our own neighborhoods.

I would recommend Alan Roxburgh (again) and his work on joining God in the neighborhood. He has a great blog at: http://www.roxburghmissionalnet.com/

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